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Here’s the latest review from an ELITE Yelp reviewer, Janet L:

This place is wonderful. It’s basically across the street from Disneyland and much tastier and more affordable than anything else nearby.

The employees were extremely friendly and upbeat, and seemed sincerely interested in making sure we had a great experience. They have some craft beers on draft or bottles for takeaway.

There are a handful of suggested pies on the menu or you can customize your own from a ton of choices. They average $10 apiece and will feed 1-2 people… I was famished after hours walking at Disneyland so I ate a pie to myself but was quite stuffed afterwards.

The ingredients tasted high quality, the crust was delicious, and the location was clean and well kept. If I were staying in the area any longer I probably would have eaten here again. And they’re open late, til 1am! Highly recommended!



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