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St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here and we could not be more excited. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most popular traditions and why we observe them each year. We’ll also share our tips for including your favorite food, pizza, in your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations this March.

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Corned Beef and Cabbage

When most people think about what food to make for their St. Patrick’s Day dinner, they immediately think of corned beef and cabbage. While this is a classic meal made by many, the truth is that it’s actually more American than Irish! Since the vast majority of Irish immigrants in the 19th century were very poor, the most affordable meat they could buy was corned beef. They used cabbage because it’s a spring vegetable and it’s also cheap.


There are a couple of possibilities when it comes to the origin of leprechauns. They could have originated from the word luchorpán, which means little body, and was used to describe water spirits. Another possible origin is the Irish god Lugh. A third possibility is that they are from an Irish fairy named Cluricaune. Cluricaune was described as a cunning spirit who played tricks.

Drink Your Vitamins — Guinness!

There’s no denying that the drink of choice on St. Patrick’s day is Guinness! In fact, this Dublin-based stout is one of the most successful alcohol brands worldwide. It originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in 1759. Whether you’re at our local pizzeria or having a slice at home, be sure to pair your pizza with a glass of Guinness this St. Patrick’s Day.


Some legends say that St. Patrick used the three-leaf shamrock to explain the Christian Holy Trinity. While there doesn’t seem to be evidence to support this, there was a tradition back in the 17th century of incorporating the shamrock on St. Patrick’s Day. People would wear shamrocks on their coats and then end the day by “drowning the shamrock” — placing it in a glass of whisky before drinking.


If you’re surprised about pizza making the list, give us a chance to show you why it should be part of your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this year. There are actually a number of ways to make your own pizza that proudly declares your Irish or wanna-be-Irish heritage! Here are just a few of the pizzas you might consider making:

  • Chicken Alfredo Pizza
  • St. Patrick’s Day Mini Pizzas (they have green bell peppers in the shape of shamrocks!)
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza
  • Naturally Green Pizzas (use shishito peppers, pesto, or avocados)

Your Local Pizzeria

At The Pizza Press, you can order pizzas made with fresh and local ingredients, build your own pizza, order local craft beers, which change seasonally, and more. Stop in today to enjoy great food and fun at The Pizza Press. We hope our tips have given you some ideas for incorporating pizza into your St. Patrick’s Day holiday this year!