1. Beer 101: Aging Beers

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Did you know old beer can sometimes taste even better than fresh beer? Today’s Beer 101 article will cover barrel aging and cellaring craft beer. Lets find out more on the subject! Barrel-aged beers are now more popular then ever. What are barrel-aged beers exactly? A woo…Read More

  2. Beer 201: Kettle Sours

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Hello Blog readers! Today’s Beer 201 will be an in-depth exploration of Kettle Sours. Let’s get started! If you missed our previous article on Sour Beers, here’s a recap. Brewing Sour Beer is an age-old tradition (possibly the first style of beer ever developed) that …Read More

  3. Brewery Spotlight: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Part 2

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Hello readers! The Pizza Press Beer Blog was lucky enough to be invited to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp last month, and part of our experience was a full tour of their facilities in Chico, California. In this post we’ll be sharing up the best photos we took from our tour. Comi…Read More

  4. Beer Exclusive: Brewing at Beer Camp #186!

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Today’s article is a very special one: it’s our first Beer Exclusive article in 3 years! Our last Beer Exclusive was an inside look at Ninkasi Brewing Company and included an interview with founder Jamie Floyd himself. This article is going to be a special exclusive as …Read More

  5. Beer 201: Hazy IPAs

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Salutations, readers of The Pizza Press blog! Today’s Beer 201 focuses on the newest and biggest craze in craft beer right now: Hazy IPAs! Also known as Vermont Style and New England Style IPAs, this style’s signature characteristic is its haziness. What is haze? Good q…Read More

  6. Beer 101: Beer Cocktails

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Howdy readers! Today our Beer 101 gets a little boozier than usual. Why? Because today we are going to learn about beer cocktails! There are three types of beer cocktails out there, and we’ll explore them one by one. Let’s get mixin’. Style One: Beer + Nonalcoholic M…Read More

  7. Brewery Spotlight: Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

    Post by Joseph Schumacher In preparation for an exclusive upcoming article on The Pizza Press Beer Blog’s experiences at Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, today’s spotlight falls on Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Let’s get to it! We’ll begin with where the company began: its founder Ken Grossman. Ken…Read More

  8. Beer 101: Fruit Beers

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Today’s Beer 101 is about Fruit Beers- get ready for a fun lesson, readers! First, what is a fruit beer? Fruit beers are actually a very broad category: any base beer style with fruit used as a flavor component qualifies as a fruit beer. Fruit additions can be whole fruit…Read More

  9. Beer 201: Foreign Hops

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Hello Blog readers! Today our Beer 201 article will be about Foreign Hops. Before we dive into that, however, we will give a brief overview of hops in United States. It’s safe to say that the United States hop farms are not evenly distributed across the country. Today, th…Read More

  10. Beer 101: Trappist Beers

    Post by Joseph Schumacher Greetings, blog readers! Today our Beer 101 will be on the subject of Trappist Beers. Let’s dive in! First, as ever, some history. What is a “Trappist” anyway? Monastery brewhouses, from different religious orders, have existed across Europe since the Middle Ages. The…Read More